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Ofsted Report
Dear All Parents,

Some of you will be aware that on the 5th June 2014 Odstock Day Nursery received its post registration visit from Ofsted the regulatory body who inspect all education provision in England. The Inspection went really well and we received a GOOD outcome which is the highest grading that you are allowed to get at your 1st inspection.

I would like to thank all of the parents who spoke to the inspectors on the day, five families were interviewed by the two inspectors and they concluded that:

“Parents commented on how extremely satisfied they are with the Nursery and the care their children receive”

“ Parents also value the individual settling routines which are tailored according to each child’s needs.”

“Parents are extremely complimentary and comment on how much their children like attending.”

We were really overjoyed by this lovely feedback from everyone so thank you very much, we really appreciate it.

Other key feedback for us included some of the following comments:

The experienced and dedicated management provide high quality care and knowledge to staff on how children learn.

Children flourish in the extremely well resourced and innovative environment that captivates and ignites their interest.

Qualified and enthusiastic staff provide exciting and effective teaching, consequently children thrive and make good progress in their learning.

Children are motivated learners, staff give them time to experiment and learn, children analyse and solve problems, work collaboratively together and take pleasure in what they achieve.

Staff create a calm and friendly atmosphere, children respond positively to this and behave well.

There was one development point that the inspectors recommended and felt would help us achieve Outstanding on our second inspection (where we could have the potential to achieve the highest grade) and this was in our role play hair dressers where we had images of different hair styles that the children had chosen and displayed on the walls. The inspector felt that the images did not fully reflect enough cultural backgrounds and that as a staff and management we should have enhanced the children’s choices to include more photos of hairstyles from people from Asian and Black heritage to raise children’s awareness of diversity in the world around them. We will be considering this recommendation in our future displays.

Please find below the full report for you to read, we would welcome any thoughts of feedback from the report.

Many thanks in advance for your time taken to read the report and statements above.

Kind regards,