The Bourne Valley Nursery Group

of Salisbury, Wiltshire has been championing quality Early-Years education for many years. It offers private, EYFS children's education. This includes:

Pre-school comes in the form of the Early Years Foundation STAGE TO support children's development and the latest childcare & early years curriculum.

The Bourne Valley Nursery Group EYFS, Pre-School and After-School Clubs are hugely important in children's eduction and development.

Our services cover the areas of:
  1. babies
  2. Nursery
  3. pre-school
  4. playgroup
  5. after-school club
  6. playground
The Bourne Valley Nursery Group is a professional company and has fully trained staff to Key Stage 3 and degree level. Contact us today on 01980 611766 for further details.

Odstock Nursery School Newsletter
Odstock News Spring 2018

Welcome to the Spring term
I would also like to extend our warmest welcome to our new families joining us this term, we are very much looking forward to getting to know you all.

As the weather continues to be cold, windy and rainy could I remind all parents to bring in wellington boots and warm coats, hats and gloves. If you have warm waterproofs they are ideal. Please make sure they are named as it is impossible for us to know who owns which item and our lost property box is getting full. Please do check it from time to time to reclaim any misplaced items.

Toys from home
Can we please remind all parents that toys from home are NOT PERMITTED. Recently children have slowly been reviving the trend to bring toys in from home, however they cause arguments, distract from our learning outcomes and risk being lost or broken please encourage your children to leave toys in the car, comforters are of course still welcomed. Thank you for your help on this matter.

Last term we welcomed Les in the preschool and Agnes in the toddler room, who returned in December from her maternity leave after having the lovely Aron who is now in our baby room with Jess and the team.

This term we are extending our welcome to Chloe in the toddler room who joins us as a key worker and is also at University on her Early Years Initial Teacher Training post graduate qualification. We are thrilled to have them all join the team.

On New Years Day we received the exciting news that Angela from Toddler Room had safely delivered a beautiful baby girl Maddison Jane two weeks early weighing a healthy 8lbs 5 oz. The whole family are delighted and we have already had some lovely cuddles when Angela brought her in to meet us all recently.

Congratulations go to Emma from Preschool and Jodie from Baby room who have both been promoted to Deputy Team Leaders last term. Both Emma and Jodie have worked so hard and are so committed to our nursery we are delighted that they have achieved these promotions.

World Book Day
On Thursday 1st March, we will be celebrating World Book Day which is a lovely opportunity for our children and staff to dress up and enjoy some wonderful stories together. Our staff have been reminiscing at our staff meeting in January about their favourite childhood books and we will be sharing some of these with your children. Do feel free to dress your child in any outfit or none at all there is no obligation but if they want to its nice to join in the spirit of the day. All families will receive a book token to put towards a book.

Positive developments within nursery
This month we have started work on our plans for our woodland garden in the main rear garden. We will be removing the middle section of Astro Turf and laying woodchip and planting some shrubs and small trees to give a more natural feel to the space. During this time some sections of the garden maybe sectioned off, but the children will still have access to all of the other areas outside. If anyone has any shrubs or trees they are willing to donate or if you are willing to spare a few hours to help move the woodchip we will be having a working party one weekend this term to try and move the project forwards. More details will follow nearer the time.

We have just purchased a camera which will help the children see the house martins in their nests when they return in a month or so. Last year we were not quite in time but this year we are determined that the preschool will be able to see closer into the nest of these amazing birds that frequent the building for nesting each year. Last year we counted a record of 28 nests around the building, it was quite magical on sunny days as the children watched them all busily swooping in and out of their nests. Let’s hope we capture some wonderful live images for the children to see.

Training Courses - here are some of the courses that the team have taken part in since September.
During November Melissa, Jodie, Emma and Megan attended a Reggio Emilia Inspired course at Reflections Nursery in Worthin. An exciting and tiring day with lots of professional dialogue and lots of ideas shared which they have been putting in practice this term

Natalie and Melissa attending safeguarding training on the new DART referral system that is just being rolled out.

Lesley, Sophie, Natalie, Chloe, Les, Agnes and Dawn have all completed Fire awareness training Sophie, Chloe, Les, Emma and Lesley have all completed online safeguarding training

Lesley, Sophie, Les, Dawn and Chloe have all completed online food hygiene training

Emma has completed a 4 week Makaton course

Natalie has led a sensory training which was attended by staff from around the nursery group including Lesley from Toddlers and Les from Preschool

Melissa had attended a trauma training from inspirational nationally renowned speaker Jane Evans

Natalie has attended the early years managers briefing group from Salisbury

Keith and Natalie have attended a Speech and Language course

Emma and Jodie have taken part in deputy room leaders training with Natalie which will continue fortnightly for the foreseeable future and covers all aspects of leadership and management theory and practice.

Charlotte – 2 day course getting boys off to a good start.

As you know from the dates calendar we have two teacher training session days which only apply to our grant only children which are on the 8th and 9th Feb. We will be holding a deputy team leader training day on the 8th and two trainings on the 9th one on our nursery rituals and one on garden set ups. These will benefit our team and give us a chance to reflect on our practice.

Polite Notice – Session Times
All sessions are pre-set by booking your child into nursery which then enables us to provide the correct ratios we are required to follow as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Guidelines.

We politely ask you to ensure you are adhering to your start and end times for your child’s sessions. Some parents are dropping off early or failing to collect by the agreed end times.

If you are late to collect your child without notifying us or you are repeatedly late you will be charged for this time.

Nursery Uniform
We do have a children’s uniform available for you to purchase. Please come to the office if you would like to order some.

Polo Shirt £8.00
Sweatshirt £10.00
Odstock Day Nursery Spring Term Events Calendar 2018
8th and 9th February
Inset days
Teacher Training days no attendance for any children on grant only contracts A limited number of spaces are available for extra bookings over this period please see Natalie or Melissa for details.
12th – 16th February
Half Term
No attendance for Grant Only or term time only Children A limited number of spaces are available for extra bookings over this period please see Natalie or Melissa for details.
13th February (Tue)
Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Day, lots of fun planned for eating, flipping and racing with pancakes.
16th February (Fri)
Chinese New Year
Also known as the spring festival this year is the Year of the Dog.
27th February (Tue)
Our delivery of Eggs arrives for our annual hatching programme.
This year its Ducklings!! Expected date of hatching is Wednesday 28th February, the children will be amazed by this truly wonderful show of nature as our ducklings emerge from their eggs. The ducklings will be with us until the 9th March when they will go off to their new homes.
1st March
St David’s Day
A day of celebrating all things Welsh.
1st March (Thurs)
Become a character from your favourite book, or simply dress up for fun. Bring a story from home and share in our stories that will be brought to life.
2nd March (Fri)
Holi is Hindu festival celebrating Spring and is often called “Festival of Colours” due to the tradition of throwing coloured powders over family and friends. Think this could be a messy kind of day! Be warned bath will be essential after this day of play!
16th March (Fri)
St Patricks Day
A celebration of all things Irish.
22nd March (Thur)
Sports Relief
We will be having a day of sports as we raise funds for this worth while charity.
27th March (Tue) 4:30pm – 6pm
Parent workshop Respectful care for babies
We will be inviting those families who are expecting new babies and those who currently have young babies to our respectful parenting workshop with Natalie, Jess and Jodie.
27th March (Tue)
Parent workshop for children going to school in September 2018.
We would like to invite all parents of children attending school in 2018 come along to this workshop with Natalie and Melissa, designed to give some helpful tips on how to manage the transition to school which begins in April when you find out your school place. 6:30-8:00pm Parents only no children please.
29th March (Thurs)
Easter Egg Challenge Hunt.
Children attending on this day will be able to take part in our Annual Easter Egg Challenge Hunt where the children have to find eggs, complete the tasks on the messages inside the eggs and then find the treasure at the end of the hunt.
30th March (Fri)
Good Friday
Bank Holiday Nursery Closed.
National Pet Month
We will be carrying on our theme of animals and looking at our pets, perhaps you would like to bring in a pet to show the children.
2nd April (Mon)
Easter Monday
Bank Holiday Nursery Closed.
3rd April (Tue) – 13th April (Fri) Inclusive.
Easter Holidays.
No attendance for Grant Only or Term Time Only children. A limited number of spaces are available for extra bookings over this period please see Natalie or Melissa for details.
16th April
School Allocations Day
Today is the day that all the children in the September 2018 cohort will find out which of their choice schools they have been offered. You will need to confirm your offer by the 2nd May 2018, failure to do this may result in the place being reallocated.
21st April
Celebrations for the Queen’s Birthday.
Today is also the national tea day and we will be celebrating by tasting teas, and having a slice of cake to celebrate the royal birthday. The preschool will also be looking at the Queen’s home and other features of her life.
23rd St George’s Day
Celebrating our national day
All things English will be the tune of the day for these celebrations, looking at our eclectic and diverse country and all that we value.
7th May (Mon)
May Day Bank Holiday
Nursery Closed.