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Dear Parents,

The summer term is such a busy and exciting term, the older children from preschool are getting ready to make their transition into their next adventure of Primary school. Throughout the nursery children will be transitioning through rooms, you will receive a letter regarding your child’s transitions into the next room and who their key person will be. If you do have any queries or concerns please speak to the room leader or your child’s key person.

School leavers: Please if you have not done so already let us know the date your child will be leaving Preschool and bring in a memory stick for their learning journey.

We would like to wish all of those starting school the best time.

Staffing update

We have now said goodbye to Carly, who left us in May for Maternity leave, we wish her well and will keep you updated on the arrival of baby over the summer.

We welcome Andrea to our permanent team, Andrea has been with us for some time now and although primarily bank staff she has completed many hours with us. The children love spending time with Andrea and she has a vast amount of experience in working with children. Andrea will join the toddler room team, however you may still see her covering in other rooms from time to time.

We will also sadly say goodbye to Sarah from Toddler room, who is leaving to spend some quality time with her two boys as her eldest starts his journey onto Primary School.

We have been busy holding interviews and can give you the exciting news of introducing Chloe Down to the Toddler team. Chloe will take on the role of room leader after a handover with Sarah during August. Chloe holds a level 3 qualification with 8 years experience in early years, she has worked with the under 2’s as a supervisor and has had some experience as a deputy manager.

Well done to Hannah B who has been working very hard to achieve her level 3 qualification. Her dedication has paid off and her coursework has been submitted for marking.


Please keep us up to date with all the exciting things you are doing at home and any ‘wow’ moments and achievements that are happening for your children. This can be done via tapestry, uploading photos and videos. We love to see what the children have been doing at home and also gives us talking points throughout the day with them.

30 Hours

Parents who wish to take up a 30 hours place in the autumn term, please apply as soon as possible, to get your code in good time. HMRC sometimes needs more information from the parent to check whether they’re eligible. The official deadline to receive the code is the 31st August.

When you have your code you will need to complete a 30 hours consent form for the office which allows us to use your data and validate your code.

We would also like to remind parents who already have an eligibility code to reconfirm their eligibility for 30 hours every three months.

Family Social – Everyone welcome

Thursday 12th July 5.00pm to 6.30pm.

Come and play on the free bouncy castle, join in with ’Kidz love fit’,Enjoy light refreshments and chat to the staff.

Raffle tickets will be available to buy on the day at £1 a strip. Please remember parents are responsible for their children at all times.

Early Help

Parents are always able to speak to key people or management, safeguarding lead or SENCo during the day, we also have an open door policy and confidential issues can be raised. Please do keep nursery in the loop in regards to any changes at home which may impact your child’s well-being.

Polite Notice – Session Times

All sessions are pre-set by booking your child into nursery which then enables us to provide the correct ratios we are required to follow as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Guidelines.

We politely ask you to ensure you are adhering to your start and end times for your child’s sessions. We will not be able to open the doors and allow you to enter the building until your start time. Please also be mindful when collecting your children that you arrive to nursery in time for your child’s collection time.

If you are late to collect your child from their session you will be asked to sign the late book, more than one late collection may result in a late charge being issued.

Changes of bookings

In order to make changes to your booked sessions we require 4 weeks notice in writing, a change of booking form will need to be completed in the office.


Please be aware when you notify us of holiday dates, if you wish to change the date we require 2 weeks notice to adjust the booking, this is due staff ratio’s and deployment.

Be Aware – Slow Down

Please be cautious when using our Nursery car park. It is a very busy time with lots ofchildren walking across the paths and car park, along with other drivers who may be manoeuvring their cars. Please ensure you slow down when approaching nursery.

We also need to ask that you do not park in the School car park at ANY time. Thank you. .

Nursery Uniform

We do have a children’s uniform available for you to purchase. Please come to the office if you would like to order some.

Polo Shirt £7.50
Sweatshirt £9.25

Nursery contact information
Durrington Day Nursery
School Road, Durrington, SP4 8HJ

01980 655228

Durrington Day Nursery Summer Term Events Calendar 2018
Thursday 12th July
Family Social
5.00pm until 6.30pm
Everyone welcome. Everyone welcome. Please join us in our summer celebration. Bouncy castle, kids love fit on the field.
Friday 20th July
Last Day for Grant Only contracts
Wednesday 25th July
Last Day for Term Time contracts
26th July to 31st August
Summer Holidays
Monday 27th August
August Bank Holiday
Nursery closed
Monday 3rd September
Autumn Term Begins
Grant Only & Term Time contracts return to nursery
Thursday 25th October to Friday 2nd November
Autumn Term Begins
Grant Only & Term Time contracts return to nursery
Friday 21st December
Last Day
Last Day of nursery for Christmas Closure
Monday 7th January
Nursery Open
Nursery Open for the New Year

June 2018
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