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Introducing Chester and Chandra the Bourne Valley Nursery Bears!

As many of you know Chester Bear came to join the setting at the beginning of April. We had a competition to name our Traveling Bear so that he could organise his passport and start his adventures! We had an overwhelming amount of entries and many original names but ‘Chester Bear,’ chosen by Daniel Gravett (Big Sky) was picked out of the hat.
Chester’s first adventure started with a trip to India with Gaenor and Amy-Rose. Chester had the most amazing time, experienced another culture and made some Chester Bear great friends.

These pictures were displayed on the main gate at Bourne Valley with diary entries and bits of information so that the children could track his experience. These pictures are now used within the rooms and have been bound together so that the children can continue to share them.

Chester returned from India with a new friend, Chandra Bear!

We had so much interest from families who were willing to take Chester on holiday so that we could continue to enhance the children’s learning about multi-cultural knowledge and experience that the job was too big for just one bear!

We would like to thank all our families who are supporting this project and look forward to recording all Chester and Chandra’s experiences and sharing them with the children. Both bears have got a busy few months ahead, Chester has been fortunate enough to visit Majorca with Amelia already and is off to Egypt with George next week!

Chandra is also due to go to Croatia and then South Africa over the summer months and the bears have many other traveling experiences booked in (they are in France as I type)!

If anyone would be interested in taking a bear away with them, please do not hesitate to get in touch as the more experiences the bears can share with the children the richer their learning will be.

Alongside Chester and Chandra’s adventures we are also planning an ‘Around the World’ (well almost!) theme at Bourne Valley. We are using the World Cup as our inspiration and will be looking at different cultures, traditions, countries and experiences each week. This is a whole Nursery topic and we are hoping that parents will become involved too.

Please keep an eye on the parent’s boards around Nursery and also on the main gate for further information. At the end of our topic we will be celebrating with our annual Family Social on Friday 11th July. This will be Indian themed so that we can reflect on Chester’s very first adventure that started ‘The Traveling Bear’ project. There will be nibbles and drinks available, the rooms will be open and staff will be about to have a chat. Everyone is welcome, family and friends so we really hope to see you there!

May 2014